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David Reichelt

Born in Munich in 1986, the composer David Reichelt is known for his extraordinary scores, which he creates for films and series both in the cinema and on television. His musical expertise spans a wide range of genres, with roots in classical music and jazz. He received awards for his compositions and appeared as a saxophonist in various ensembles in Europe during his school years. Reichelt’s artistic journey began with the study of composition for film and media at HMTM (Hochschule für Musik und Theater – School of Music and Theater) in Munich after studying musicology, music education and computer sciences at Ludwig Maximilian University Munich. His works are characterized by the skillful fusion of a wide range of musical genres, including classical music, jazz, folk, and electronic elements, creating a particularly wide range of tonal elements. His work has received several awards, including the German Film Music Award for the title song “One Single Rose” from “König Laurin” and the soundtrack to “8 Tage”.