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Vision & team

Our vision

The Film Music Days Saxony Anhalt serve as a relevant platform for the exchange of knowledge and networking in the regional and supra-regional media landscape. Over the last 16 years, the Film Music Days have successfully developed and conducted a variety of international workshops and event formats. We are consistently dedicated to developing film music, promoting young professionals, and cross-border exchange. 

Our team



Prof. Dr. Georg Maas supports the Film Music Days Saxony Anhalt on an ongoing basis as the Scientific Advisor. Since 1995, he has been Professor of Music Education at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg and since 2019 Director of the Center for Teacher Education there. His works’ main focus lies on film and music, textbook development, didactics of pop/rock music, and musical theater, for which he contributed numerous important pieces of work. As a sought-after speaker, he travels all over Germany. Georg Maas is also the concertmaster of the Medical Faculty Orchestra at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg. Photo: Joachim Blobel


Markus Steffen is the artistic director of the Film Music Days Saxony-Anhalt. He qualified in publishing management and has worked in the music and media world since 1989.

After assignments at Teldec/eastwest records and Sony Classical International, he was marketing director for Classical Music & Jazz at Warner Music Germany from 1995 to 2001.

Since 2001 he has been part of musicas.de gmbH in Hamburg and Halle (Saale), which offers individual consulting services to artists as well as to various branches of the industry in the creative, marketing and sales areas.

In this context he develops concepts in the field of music / books / audio books and designs concert and festival projects, which his agency implements nationwide with various partners.



Annegret Renner has been managing Film Music Days Sachsen-Anhalt as project manager since 2020. As a media and communication scientist from Leipzig, she has been organizing various projects in the field of festivals, events, further education and networking at IAMA since 2015 after working in film and television production. In addition, she is the contact person for the concerns of the association and the board.


Eva Maas studied Communication and Media Studies in Leipzig and World Heritage Studies in Cottbus, then worked for the International Short Film Festival interfilm and the Berlin International Film Festival and the Digital Impact Labs Leipzig. Since spring 2022, she has been supporting IAMA in the event area and is primarily responsible for the project organization of the Film Music Days Saxony-Anhalt.


Julia Kubiczek is in charge of the submissions for the GERMAN FILM MUSIC AWARD and is the contact person at IAMA for the organization of the gala concert of the Film Music Days Saxony-Anhalt. In addition to her expertise as a media and communication scientist, she has been contributing her know-how in the field of music to the team and projects since 2017.


Anne Kusche studied translation and interpreting in Magdeburg and Leipzig and then worked in project management for a translation service provider. Since summer 2022, she has been supporting IAMA in the area of office administration and project organization.


Rebekka Hörnig studied media and communication sciences and psychology in Halle. Since 2021 she supports IAMA and thus the Filmmusiktage Sachsen-Anhalt in the areas of social media, content management as well as project assistance.

Contributors 2008 - 2022 (selection)

The Film Music Days Saxony Anhalt have welcomed numerous stars from the industry in recent years.

Film music composers:

  • Boris Bojadhziev (“In einem Land, das es nicht mehr gibt”)
  • Dascha Dauenhauer (“Der Schwarm”)
  • Georg Mausolf (“Vikings Valhalla”)
  • Marcel Barsotti (Filkomponist)
  • Hannah von Hübbenet (“Schwarze Adler”)
  • Karim Sebastian Elias (“Kudamm 63”)
  • Martina Eisenreich (“Endlich Witwer”)
  • Klaus Doldinger („Das Boot“)
  • Jeff Beal („House of Cards“)
  • Anette Focks („Die drei ??? – Das Geheimnis der Geisterinsel“)
  • Gerd Baumann („Wer früher stirbt ist länger tot“)
  • Laurent Eyquem („Nostalgia“)
  • Eric Serra („Léon – Der Profi“)
  • Ingo Ludwig Frenzel („Der Medicus“)
  • Martin Böttcher („Winnetou“)
  • Patrick Doyle („Harry Potter und der Feuerkelch“ und „Cinderella“)
  • Harold Faltermeyer („Top Gun“)
  • Trevor Jones („Der Letzte Mohikaner“)
  • Martina Eisenreich (Tatort)
  • Oli Biehler („Das kalte Herz“, „Lindenberg! Mach dein Ding“)
  • Peter Gotthardt („Die Legende von Paul und Paula“)
  • Rachel Portman („Emma“, „Chocolat“)
  • Enjott Schneider (Movies Made in Germany)
  • John Ottmann („X-Men: Days of Future Past“, „Astro Boy“)


  • Sönke Wortmann („Das Wunder von Bern“)
  • Philipp Stölzl („Der Medicus“, „Ich war noch niemals in New York“)
  • Cornelia Grünberg (“Achtzehn – Wagnis Leben”)
  • Wolfgang Becker („Good Bye, Lenin!“)
  • Pepe Danquart („Lauf Junge, lauf!“)
  • Georg Maas („Zwei Leben“)
  • Lars Montag (“Träume sind wie wilde Tiger”)
  • Miguel Alexandre („Der Mann mit dem Fagott“)
  • Marcus H. Rosenmüller („Sommer in Orange“)
  • Axel Ranisch (Tatort)
  • Jan Peter („Krieg der Träume“)

Musicians and other artists:

  • Felix Janosa (Komponist)
  • Mousse T. (u. a. Musik für „Mann tut was Mann kann“)
  • Eva Mattes (Schauspielerin)
  • Elke Heidenreich (Autorin, Moderatorin)
  • Judy Winter (Schauspielerin)
  • Viktoria Tolstoy (Sängerin)
  • Gabby Young (Sängerin)
  • Dieter „Maschine“ Birr (Sänger)
  • Gunnar Dedio (Produzent)