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Franziska Kollinger, Foto: Joachim Blobel I Studio-Mitte-Medienproduktion

Franziska Kollinger

Franziska Kollinger is a musicologist and has been researching, teaching, and publishing since 2014 in research projects and at institutes in Germany and abroad on the cultural and social history of music, on music history as media history, and on film and stage music in the 20th century. She is currently developing the research project “Music in Motion”, which deals with the (cultural) mobility of musicians and music as well as the production cultures of popular music in the 20th century. Since 2022, she has been a research assistant at the Research Center for Musical Theater at the University of Salzburg. (www.franziskakollinger.de)

Anna Schürmer, Foto: Joachim Blobel I Studio-Mitte-Medienproduktion

Anna Schürmer

Anna Schürmer is a music and media scientist with a focus on auditive cultures and sound studies, as well as a journalist with a special focus on new and electronic music. In addition to her scientific work, she regularly publishes in various print, radio and online media. (www.interpolationen.de)

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