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16th Film­ Music Days Saxony-Anhalt

November 19-25, 2023

Film music professionals, scientists and interested parties are once again meeting in Halle (Saale) for the Film Music Days this year. The industry and audience events showcase film music, composition, sound design and film music production.

The Film Music Days Saxony-Anhalt are unique in their nature in Germany. They connect the film music industry and science, experienced professionals and young film music musicians, experts and film music experience.

Every year in autumn, film music experts, composers, sound designers, producers and post-production specialists as well as film music lovers meet in Halle (Saale). The focus is always on international exchange about professional practice, creative challenges and of course the experience of film music and sound design.

The individual events of the festival are aimed at these different target groups.

In 2023, the Saxony-Anhalt Film Music Days had the motto ENCOUNTERS.

Our program

The Masterclass ORCHESTRATION, various workshops and the invitation to tender for a silent film soundtrack are aimed at aspiring and interested composers and film music creators. The film music industry and scientists gather for the annual Film Music Congress. They exchange perspectives in debates and contributions. The event is also open to interested parties.

In cooperation with the IAMA, Thomas Jeschner (Puschkino) and the city of Halle, the Film Music Days have been organising a silent film series since 2022 with live-music-presentation.

Every year, the big highlight is the public Gala Concert of the Staatskapelle Halle under the direction of Bernd Ruf. The GERMAN FILM MUSIC AWARD will again be awarded in Halle this year. This industry event has been held since 2014 in cooperation with DEFKOM, the German Film Composers Union, as part of the Film Music Days Saxony Anhalt.

As part of the Film Music Days, the AUDIO:VISIONEN: Film | Musiken | Sounds podcast and the book series FILM – MUSIK – SOUNDS have also been created since 2022. Thus the discussion and multifaceted exchange about film music will continue in the future, regardless of time and place.

We look forward to welcoming on site in the next year!

2023 - ENCOUNTERS as a theme

The importance of interweaving the arts and trades as well as interpersonal connections became clear during the very successful Film Music Days 15-year anniversary in 2022. Cross-generational or cross-industry: The Film Music Days 2023 examine the various types of encounters that are so important, also for film music composers and sound designers, in view of ever more rapidly developing digitalization and new challenges after the pandemic.

The 16th Film Music Days Saxony Anhalt 2023 are presented by the International Academy of Media & Arts e.V. in cooperation with the state of Saxony-Anhalt under the patronage of Rainer Robra, Minister of State & Culture of Saxony-Anhalt. They have been held once a year since 2008 with a constantly expanding and innovative program.

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