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Ludovico Failla

Ludovico Failla is a musician, composer, performer, instrument builder, based in Leipzig, Germany. With a Degree in Electronic Music Composition and an extensive experience in composing for film, installations, performances and multimedia projects, he's currently focusing on composing for film and developing his more acoustic performative side thru the study of the Kora, the west african mandinka lute-harp. He's also involved in: Baraka Duo: Kora/Piano duo with pianist Hakim Azmi in which they reinvent traditional west african repertoire alongside original modal compositions. Musical Director, Instrument Designer and Composer for a series of performances and theater pieces devolped in collaboration with Pedro Henrique Risse and supported by LOFFT theater, which include the design of novel musical instruments, and an extended multimedia setup. Instrument builder: builder of Kora lute-harps and developer of a mechanical pedal extension for the Kora lute-harp which allows for note bending and fast retuning, opening up new expressive possibilities.