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We are pleased about the new cooperation with MusicMatch 2023, VUT and Pop Impuls, which included the panel “Music for Films, Games, Ads” on April 28, 2023 that will be released as a special edition of the AUDIO:VISIONEN podcast. Moderators Dr. Anna Schürmer and Dr. Franziska Kollinger led the talk organized by Pop Impuls.

The creative side of film music was examined in more detail in an artistic discussion with film composer Freya Arde and music theorist and composer Susanne Hardt.

  • How are scores created?
  • What does a composition have to accomplish to work in a film, series, or game?
  • What inspirations precede the creation of the composition?
  • Etc.

Together with Markus Rennhack from the music publisher Kick the Flame, we examined the question of how (indie) tracks are placed in films, series, or advertisements and why quality control by a publisher is so important..



  • The Corridors of Power (titeltrack of the same name) – (documentary, FR/D/USA/IL 2022), music: Freya Arde
  • Somewhere – (interactive picture book, D 2021), music: Susanne Hardt

In our special edition, Franziska Kollinger and Anna Schürmer ask how music gets into films, games,
and ads. They talk about this at MusicMatch 2023 (Dresden) with the composers Freya Arde and Susanne Hardt. We hear about the importance of personal initiative, what networking means for the two composers, and how different production processes happen in the various media formats. In addition, Markus Rennhack reports on his work at the Leipzig music publisher Kick the Flame, whose mission is to place music by artists in films, games, and ads. We learn about the music library in his mind and why it is important to use a gatekeeper like Kick the Flame.

The special edition is now available on all streaming plattforms!

Dr. Anna Schürmer & Dr. Franziska Kollinger in conversation with...

Podcast AUDIO:VISIONEN Teilnehmerin Freya Arde
Freya Arde, Foto: Franziska Kestel

Freya Arde is an award-winning composer, guitarist, and music producer from Berlin. She is considered “one of the top German talents in film music” (MDM magazine trailer). Her latest works include “The Corridors of Power”, a documentary film by Oscar-nominated Dror Moreh, and the bestseller of Germany’s most popular forester Peter Wohlleben, “Das geheime Leben der Bäume”.
Immediately after completing her Master’s degree in film music at the Berlin-Babelsberg school of film and television in 2016, she won the German Film Music Award as best newcomer for her first film score for “Nellys Abenteuer”. Before that, she studied composition and guitar at the Dresden school of music and at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse in Paris. Her unique sound landscapes combine acoustic instrumentation with audio processing and electronics. She worked with orchestras such as the German Film Orchestra Babelsberg, the Budapest Art Orchestra and the Brandenburg State Orchestra Frankfurt. In 2020, she released her debut EP “Spirit Awake” as a solo artist. Her new single “Moon Window” is part of the Deutsche Grammophon Project 12.

More about Freya Arde: https://freyaarde.com/

Podcast AUDIO:VISIONEN Teilnehmer Markus Rennhack
Markus Rennhack, Foto: Privat

Markus Rennhack, born in 1980 in Zwickau, has been a musician and composer since age 14. He moved to Leipzig with his band “unloved” in 2003, where he balanced university and the stage, finally – interrupted by two releases – graduating from his political science studies in 2009. Further releases and extensive touring took “unloved” all the way to Japan. As a copyright expert, active musician, and composer, he has been in demand since 2012 as an expert on collecting societies, licensing chains, and copyright reform. He joined Kick The Flame in 2014 and helped build the company into one of central Germany’s leading indie publishers. For the first time in 2015 and at every new election since then, he was sent by his peers in the composers club as delegate of the extraordinary members to the GEMA General Meeting, where he represents the interests of the self- marketing musicians in particular. He has been teaching aspiring music managers and music publishers as a guest lecturer at Popakademie Mannheim since 2018. Since 2020, he has been a co- opted member of the VUT’s policy committee.

More about Kick The Flame: https://www.kicktheflame.de/

Podcast AUDIO:VISIONEN Teilnehmerin Susanne Hardt
Susanne Hardt, Foto: Privat

Susanne Hardt is a music theorist and composer, currently working on her doctoral thesis on film music. Her own music is often experimental and humorous. Most recently, she wrote music for the interactive picture book “Somewhere” (2021) and the computer game “Prim” (expected release 2023/24).

More about Susanne Hardt: https://susannehardt.de

AUDIO:VISIONEN – The podcast for film │ music │ sounds is a project of International Academy of Media & Arts e. V., originated in the setting of the 15th Film Music Days and produced in cooperation with NFP*.

Credits (Special Edition):

Production: IAMA & NFP*

Cooperation: MusicMatch Dresden, Verband unabhängiger Musikunternehmer*innen e.V. (VUT), POP IMPULS

Conzept & moderation: Dr. Franziska Kollinger, Dr. Anna Schürmer

Sounddesign: Dietrich Petzold | tonus arcus Berlin